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WORKSHOP - Sneak Peek into the Unseen World: Cryogenic Electron microscopy.

Another year , another workshop organized by our lab in collaboration with the International Student's Congress Bucharest (IMSCB). This year we're welcoming 6 selected students to witness sample preparation and imaging in cryo-EM. The workshop will take place on the 8th of December 2023 in the Ultrastructural Pathology Lab at Victor Babes Institute of Pathology.


UEFISCDI PCE Grant Competition

Dec 2020

Our lab received funding for a new project on telocyte identity, a subject we are keen on for more than 15 years!


International Medical Students’ Congress of Bucharest

Dec 2020

Congratulations to our junior lab members from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Teodora Ciobotea and Marian Closca, for winning the 1st and 3rd prizes at IMSCB's Oral Presentation Competition! 


Leica Cryo-EM Workshop

Feb 2018

Leica Microsystems and Victor Babeș Institute of Pathology are organizing a hands-on cryo-electron microscopy workshop, the first of its kind in Romania. This course will briefly demonstrate the most widely employed methods for cryo-EM sample preparation. It will take place on the 20th and 21st of February 2018 and is aimed at early-career scientists (PhD students and post-docs) working in transmission electron microscopy or related fields.


New awards for our junior lab members!

Apr 2021

Congratulations to our junior lab members, students at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Giulia Angheluta and Teodora Ciobotea, for their newest achievements! Giulia has been awarded the 3rd prize at FameLab and the 1st prize at MEDICS for her project involving mRNA vaccines, while Teo has received a distinction from the European Conference of Psychiatry and Mental Health "Galatia 2021" for her review on the applications of structural biology in psychiatry.



Dec 2020

Congratulations to our colleagues Giulia Angheluta, Leona Chitoiu, Victor Eduard Peteu and the rest of The Deliverables team, for receiving a pre-seed funding for their biotech project at the Hackathon4Health! 


Annual Scientific Meeting & 13th National Pathology Symposium

Oct 2020

In spite of the challenges the entire scientific community is facing nowadays, the “Victor Babeș” National Institute of Pathology is delighted to invite you once again to its Annual Meeting & 13th National Pathology Symposium, held in virtual format November 5-7, 2020. Internationally renowned speakers will join our experts in breaking down the current research trends in cellular and molecular pathology, histopathology, nephropathology, neuropathology and neurodegeneration, as well as discussing state-of-the-art applications of omics in pathology. Already a tradition of our Symposium, the short communication session for young researchers will award the brightest and most promising investigator with a high performance laptop offered by RoneXprim. We look forward to meet you all online!


Leica Live-Cell Imaging Workshop

Oct 2016

As part of an ongoing series of annual scientific events, Leica Microsystems, in collaboration with Victor Babeș Institute of Pathology, a Leica Reference Site, is organizing a workshop demonstrating confocal and super-resolution microscopy techniques. The workshop will be held in the bioimaging facility of the Victor Babeș Institute, between the 18th and 20th of October 2016. Participants will be able to test the STED3X system for fixed and live-cell imaging applications and attend talks.

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